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February 6th, 2013

Written by: stARTT

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We are happy to announce the opening of Future: Architecture e(s)t Paysage – stARTT on Wednesday, February 27th h. 20.00 at the Italian Cultural Institute of Paris. The exhibition is going to present 8 projects of our office, both new both old ones, with boards, models, studio drawings etc. It is for us the opportunity to take stock of our path and to show our way of producing and our tools coming from architecture, art disciplines, philosophic reflection or from some good tales.
The curator of the event is Pippo Ciorra – Senior Curator in Architecture from MAXXI. Thanks to Marina Valensise, Director of Italian Cultural Institute in Paris; MAXXI for the support; Viabizzuno for light design; the sponsors Teorema and Cuomo

Preview Wednesday, February 27th – 2013 – h.18.00 / Opening Wednesday, February 27th – 2013 – h.20.00
From February 27th to April 26th, 2013
at Institute Culturel Italien à Paris – Hotel de Galliffet -73, rue de Grenelle – 75007 Paris

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