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surface du lot
1316 m2
1000 m2
montant de travaux

1.750.000,00 euros
maître d’ouvrage
Mairie de Milan
Fabio Coletta, Davide Onorati, Andrea Valentini, Dolores Casaseca Fernández
consultant pour la pédagogie

Stefania Guerra Lisi
Marco Basti
iteci srl
état de projet
classé 4ème

A site nestled between two large tower blocks, a blocked plan with an outdoor area which is limited to the space defined by the minimum detachment rules: the project chooses to work on the site's weak points to turn them into the proposal's strong points. The proposal is a sort of objet trouvé; either relics of an urban transformation, with its shape evoking the family unconscious of a pitched-roof house. Either dreamlike element for its colours and materials, constantly confronting in a poetic reaction with the surrounding volumes. The building's crowning profile emphasizes the out-of-scale relation with the context and permits the perception of the Daycare Center from the Park. the relation of continuity between the urban garden and theDaycare Center is articulated thanks to a totally openable fence, improving the potential of the playroom-park relation as instrument of inclusion. The border on the other edges is a solid wall treated with different textures, retracing the outline of a fictional tow. The exterior is organized as a sequence of outdoor rooms: the multisensorial tunnel, enclosed in the spaces left by the minimum detachment rules -which declines gradually declining from natural to artificial - provides an approach path to playing based on synesthesia, on the stimulation of the senses and the children's different abilities. The pavilion is in figure-background relation with the enclosure made by the wall, the ground floor is dedicated to children and their abilities, the plan is organized in strips of rigid spaces and flexible spaces to allow multiple functional solutions. To the indoor playing space corresponds a further recreational environment on the roof, configured as open-air rooms. the first floor is divided in a public part for the families and another part reserved to training activities and operators. In the separation between the two parts the technical equipments and the big skylights funneling the light into the ground floor spaces. Architecture, the movable walls, the furniture, the fixed furniture and the infographics, are all part of an integrated system of signs that communicate through Braille writing system, the icon and metaphor.