STARTT was born from the collaboration of architects Dario Scaravelli, Simone Capra, and Claudio Castaldo who share over ten years of common work experience. Since 2018 STARTT operates as an architecture and engineering company. The company is made up of a consolidated team of people with specific skills, who have collaborated for years to ensure control of the economies and processes in all phases of the project, from the concept to the realization.


STARTT is organized in work units. The architects Fabio Coletta, Cecilia Rosa, Sansone Emanuele Segrè and Claudia Zuccarello have been collaborating with us for several years: professionals with different backgrounds, skills, and passions.

Architect Fabio Coletta graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome La Sapienza and in 2015 completed the II level Master in “New emerging technologies” at the Inarch – National Institute of Architecture. Architect Cecilia Rosa graduated from the Politecnico di Milano and in 2019 she completed the II level Master in Digital Architecture at the IUAV in Venice. Architect Claudia Zuccarello graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome La Sapienza after completing the research for her thesis in the city of Rio de Janeiro and having carried out her professional training in an international environment as architect at RCR Arquitectes ( Pritzker Prize 2017).

TEAM from 2011: Francesco Colangeli, Davide Persanti, Andrea Valentini in arte Leroy, Barbara Materia, Davide Onorati, Chiara Iacovone, Tommaso Mennuni, Seyithan Ozer, Karolina Kornas, Valentina Cestari, Elisabetta Vacca, Dolores Casaseca y Fernadez, Alessandro Brunelli, Francesca Cuppone, Valentina Mancini, Valerio Rompietti, Adriano Tasso, Vittoria Stefanini, Lidia Angelini, Laura Fassio, Valerio Ciaccia, Matilde Mellini, Jake Spangler, Marta Nardone, Giuseppe De Mita, Jacob Gasper, Lorenza Esposito, Francesco Petrone, Attilio Mazzetto, Chiara Pieretti, Consuelo Nuñez Ciuffa.