Article / February 18, 2021 - All news


STARTT takes part to VUOTO 2/CONTROVERSO,  a publication dedicated to public spaces and urban dimension.

VUOTO 2 collects many contributions from architects, artists, researchers about temporaries, adaptives and responsives practices of intervention on the city.
A choral reflection on the making of the city.

Vuoto is a project by orizzontale + Atto

with Emilia Giorgi | Davide Fassi | Palazzi | Nina Bassoli | Demetrio Scopelliti | Fabrizio Prati | Sara Gangemi | Armando NeuroMans Toscano | Francesco Zorzi | Alberto Iacovoni | ECÒL | Alessandro Imbriaco | Simone Capra | Antonio Cunazza | Matteo de Mayda |

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