Studio of architecture and territorial transformations

We design
the space for life together

The city is made up of a sequence of spaces, open and closed, architectures and urban complexes, of small and large dimensions, in which people, environments, cultures and economies live and interact.
In this complex terrain, STARTT drives the design of architectural and urban projects, combining the vision on the city and its buildings with the reflection on the sustainability, the social dynamics and the culture of a territory.

Each project is an opportunity to generate a culture of shared knowledge.
The work is organized in teams of people with specific skill sets; it allows STARTT to respond to the different themes and degrees of complexity of an intervention in a short timeframe: the common study is the foundation of the design process and consists in the investigation of the program, the space and the cultural context that affect each project.
This well-proven method allows STARTT to tackle “tailor-made” projects that differ in program, context, scale, and degree of complexity, intertwining the aesthetic, technical and functional requirements of architecture with the other essential themes of historical awareness, of its landscape image, of cultural, ecological and economic realities.